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my name is amnon lipkin,

I am an artist and crafts man. I live and work in tel aviv, Israel.

a Singer sewing machine I got 10 years ago helped leave other careers and upgraded my crafty hobbies to become my main business and makings.

first some plush vehicles came out, I have sewn little 3D cars, busses and houses. I went on making many other everyday objects; camera, tea pot, toaster, tv, cigarettes and many more. (see plush-gallery).

I have labelled my plush-objects ‘pashut’. that means simple/basic in Hebrew. To describe the simple, home-made, human line that describes the objects. as well as the simple, basic choice of materials and low tech technics. my work does not hide the way it was made. it’s all out and usually clear.

I use the stitch to describe parts of the plush work. like a window on a house, or a filament on a light bulb. Same stitch on plane canvas evolved into sewn sketches (see sewn-sketch-gallery). using the sewing machine as a pen to draw on canvas fabric as the paper. my sewn sketches are usually one line drawing (one thread from beginning to end). by most black thread on off white (natural colour) thick canvas. many of my sewn sketch work describe city scenes. I enjoy the tension between the gentle technic and the rough topic. I would like to think of the sewn sketches as some modern extension of traditional embroidery. today the sewn sketches and similar textile artwork are my main making.

other materials I appreciate are cardboard, wire and similar basic materials you find in the rubbish.

cardboard becomes 3d objects, similar creatures to the plush work. one-line wire statues and embroidery by hand are also among my favourites.


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